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FreeBSD/i386 on VirtualBox で、CRC checksum error, tar が解凍できない、pkg install ができないなどの対処方法

32bit 版 FreeBSD を VirtualBox にインストールしようとした時の問題点。日本語の情報が多少少な目でした。 より。

FreeBSD/i386 10.0-RELEASE running as a guest operating system on VirtualBox can have a problem with disk I/O access. It depends on some specific hardware configuration and does not depend on a specific version of VirtualBox or host operating system.

It causes various errors and makes FreeBSD quite unstable. Although the cause is still unclear, disabling unmapped I/O works as a workaround. To disable it, choose Escape to loader prompt in the boot menu and enter the following lines from loader(8) prompt, after an OK:

set vfs.unmapped_buf_allowed=0
Note that the following line has to be added to /boot/loader.conf after a boot. It disables unmapped I/O at every boot:

[2014-04-03 update] It has been reported that instability may be present on virtual machines running on other hypervisors, such as Xen or KVM.

VirtualBox/Xen/KVM のゲスト OS として、FreeBSD/i386 を入れると、ファイルシステムが安定しない。例えば、portsnap fetch などをしても、tar がぶっ壊れてます、とか、CRC checksum error などが大量発生する。


/boot/loader.conf に以下を書いて再起動。